SENAI Augmented Reality Workbooks

Earlier this year, (2017) I’ve finished a long project for SENAI RJ, developing two Augmented Reality Apps, for the courses of Telecommunications and Oil and Gas. Both apps are linked with the SENAI students workbook’s , so all they have to do is look for the right page, point the camera and the 3d content will appear. We had several content developed for both workbooks.
My work on this project was mainly lead the develop team, deal with stakeholders and do the art direction of each scene, along with team.
Very nice opportunity and great team project developed with Unity and Vuforia.
You can download the apps here:
Operational Manager: Mauricio Ogawa
Chief of Technology: Vilmar Oliveira
Project Owner / Art Direction: Renan Leser de Medeiros
Brasilia Project Coordinator: Ricardo Gomes
Lead Programmer: William de Paula Fidelis
Senior Programmer: Erisvaldo Marinho
Senior 3D Artist: Vinícius Cupello
3D Artist: Victor Barbosa
3D Artist: Carlos Costa
3D Artist: Bruno Cruz
Junior 3D Artist: Anderson Malheiros
Junior 3D Artist: Rennan Sousa
Junior 3D Artist: Diego Mendes
Junior 3D Artist: Roger Fernandes
Junior 3D Artist: João Vinícius
Interface Designer: Marília Ribeiro

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